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* [[Dirk Frigne - User:Dirkf]]
* [[Dirk Frigne - User:Dirkf]]
* [[Jachym Cepicky - User:Jachym]]
* [[Jachym Cepicky - User:Jachym]]
* [[User:endofcap | Sanghee Shin]]
* add your name here
* add your name here

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Photo session Bonn 2016

Please help out to create a group photo of the current OSGeo Officers. FOSS4G Bonn is the perfect event to do this. I know this is almost impossible, and that is exactly the reason why I think we (OSGeo) can manage. So put your name on the list and be there:

Can everybody from this list [OSGeo Foundation Officers], who are in Bonn at Tuesday evening 23/8 at 18:25 just before the Official Reception of the City of Bonn be there for a short photo-session?


Old Townhall Bonn Markt 2 53111 Bonn

[OSM-link] The entrance is from the west via the representative stairs.

time for the picture =


If you are *not* in Bonn, can you send me a picture I can use in the presentation? I prepared a BOF 'Official OSGeo Officers foto-session Bonn 2016'. Please add your name to the list if you will manage to be there, or indicate you send me a picture.

I will be in Bonn for the photo session:

I am not on the FOSS4G conference in Bonn

I will send a picture to Dirk to be used in his presentation at FOSS4G2016

  • add your name here