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Monthly meetups are first Wednesday of every month - now ONLINE ONLY - and found at

Learn about Open Source Geospatial Foundation at

Join the Alberta Chapter Mailing List:

Add yourself as a member here OSGeo Alberta Members after requesting your wiki credentials

Chapter Objectives

Points of Interest and Objectives noted from the first meetings

Primary Objectives ( derived from the conversation and still being formalized )

  • Setup the Chapter for Ongoing Success
- Develop a chapter leadership structure ( target May 2020 )
- Review Chapter best practice / Touch base with other chapters
- Leverage Lessons Learned
  • Contribute to OSGeo Projects
- Execute Code-Sprints culminating in pull requests
  • Connect the Community in Building Tools
- Lightning Talk style meetups with several builders/speakers per event
- Project Pitch/Workshops where folks can bring their problems to the group for discussion or just show how they've accomplished certain things to elicit better/best practices or new approaches
- Execute on Alberta Chapter project for demonstration at FOSS4G2020 conference here in Calgary, August 2020
  • Connect the Community in Learning Tools
- Evangelizing OSGeo projects and applications
- Project Overview sessions
- Workshop sessions ( install app, shared learning )
  • Create Resources for Ongoing Use
- Open Data - Develop a well-understood, well-curated repository of open data sources ( not a one-time list of links thrown on a page )




We have a venue - Thanks, Assembly Coworking Space, for a monthly meetup in Calgary. The guys restarting this chapter are mostly in Calgary. We could really use participants/organizers from elsewhere in the province ( Edmonton / Lethbridge, I'm looking at you ).

Our meetings are now scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month at Assembly. For more info check the postings on the OSGeo Alberta Chapter page on

If you have suggestions or comments or anything else, please use the mailing list to allow for transparency.

Any suggestions on the best way to include online/phone participants for all meetings would be appreciated.


  • We are looking to hold events in Edmonton and the Calgary-based organizers are willing to travel to host an event, if needed. Help in identifying Edmonton ( and surrounding area ) speakers, sponsors, and venues would great.

Other Places in Alberta

C'mon, Lethbridge! You're the remote sensing capital of Canada!

Reach out via the any of our communication channels if you want to help organize something. The Calgary organizers are willing to travel to host but help in finding speakers, sponsors, venues would be appreciated. Local champions don't require Calgary organizers to attend.

Other Geospatial Groups of Interest

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see the same section in Calgary IG on GIS software and Alberta GeoData