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Below are the members of the Free & Open Source GIS Interest Group of Alberta.
Feel free to add yourself to the list.

  1. Andrew Hunter, Calgary, AB, University of Calgary, specialties: spatial analysis, GI science, Spatial Data Infrastructures
  2. Stefan Steiniger, Calgary, AB, University of Calgary, specialties: (Desktop) GIS software overview, developer for OpenJUMP GIS and Sextante
  3. Colin Lynch, Calgary, AB, SAIT Polytechnic, specialites: Data Infrastructure, Web Mapping: Open Source, API's and ArcGIS Server, Implementation and Planning
  4. Michael Kieser, Calgary, AB, Tesera Systems, specialties: Desktop GIS, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, data ETL
  5. Rizwan Shahid, Calgary, AB, [1], specialties: Desktop GIS, Databases, WebGIS, Health Geography, System Dynamics
  6. Brent Fraser, Calgary, AB, GeoAnalytic, Geomatics Therapist. Specialties: web mapping, data modeling, cartography, spatial reference systems, remote sensing.
  7. Scott McHale, Calgary, AB, Stay-at-Home-Dad, Geomatics Fan-boy, Organizer
  8. Joffrey Martinez, Calgary, AB,SAIT Polytechnic Specialties: Desktop GIS, Cartography, Data Analysis, Python
  9. Christine Morden, Calgary, AB, SAIT Polytechnic. Practicum student. Want to learn more about Python, data management, how GIS is used in the real world.

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