Annual General Meeting 2009

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Venue / Timing

  • Wednesday, October 21st, 2009 - 4:30pm following the days events from FOSS4G 2009, Main conference hall


  • If you are presenting during this event, please be sure to touch on each of these objectives:
    • Update the community
    • Discuss issues and ideas
    • Present clear opportunities for community to be involved


This will be a 90 minute session, roughly scheduled as follows. Meeting will be moderated by Tyler Mitchell. Contact him for more info or to inquire about being added to the agenda.

Duration Topic
10 State of OSGeo
20 Local Chapter Reports
15 Committee Reports
10 Software Project Reports
10 Sponsor Reports
25 Open Q&A floor / Debate / Panel
---------> We can run a little late, then head to a restaurant to continue chatting.

State of OSGeo

  • Arnulf Christl, OSGeo President
  • Tyler Mitchell, OSGeo Executive Director
    • Current state, financial report, future direction/approach, membership report
    • Goals for 2010, priorities, funding plans

Local Chapter Reports

  1. Quebec Local Chapter: Daniel Morissette & Thierry Badard
  2. Francophone Local Chapter: Thierry Badard (replacing Yves Jacolin)
  3. Spanish Local Chapter: Lorenzo Becchi
  4. Italian Local Chapter: Maria Brovelli (replacing Paolo Cavallini)
  5. Chapter Title: Presenter name, link to chapter and presenter user page
  6. ....

Committee Reports

  1. Journal: Tyler Mitchell
  2. Marketing: Tyler Mitchell
  3. ...

Software Project Reports

  1. ...

  1. ...

Open Discussion / Panel / Closing

This will be for some open discussion on various topics. There will be time for questions/discussion from the floor but time is going to be tight so discussion needs to be focused.

  1. Membership ideas and status
  2. Fundraising goals and methods
  3. Conference direction, naming, maintaining consistency
  4. OSGeo & standards

Discussion Ideas

  1. Put your ideas here....