Benchmarking 2011/QGIS notes

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Same problem with missing/non-unique keys as Cadcorp GeognoSIS.

The views were converted to tables, and indexed, as follows:

create table osm_railways_gen1_cadcorp as (select * from osm_railways_gen1);
alter table osm_railways_gen1_cadcorp add column cadcorp_id serial;
create index osm_railways_gen1_cadcorp_geometry_sidx on osm_railways_gen1_cadcorp using gist(geometry);
insert into geometry_columns(f_table_catalog, f_table_schema, f_table_name, f_geometry_column, coord_dimension, srid, "type") SELECT '', 'public', 'osm_railways_gen1_cadcorp', 'geometry', ST_CoordDim(geometry), ST_SRID(geometry), GeometryType(geometry) FROM public.osm_railways_gen1_cadcorp LIMIT 1;
create unique index osm_railways_gen1_cadcorp_unqidx on osm_railways_gen1_cadcorp(cadcorp_id);

This was done for the following Imposm tables:

  • osm_railways_gen1
  • osm_roads_gen0
  • osm_roads_gen1
  • osm_roads

Giving the following additional tables:

  • osm_railways_gen1_cadcorp
  • osm_roads_gen0_cadcorp
  • osm_roads_gen1_cadcorp
  • osm_roads_cadcorp


Create GDAL VRT from tile index:

/opt/qgisms/bin/gdalbuildvrt /benchmarking/wms/2011/data/raster/DEM/bil_16int/dem_bil16int.vrt /benchmarking/wms/2011/data/raster/DEM/bil_16int/dem_bil16int.shp