Board Meeting 2009-11-05

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This board meeting is scheduled for the 5th of November 2009 at 15:00 UTC at 15:00 UTC, on IRC (#osgeo).

TODO: Arnulf to make motion to change voting protocols via email list. What exactly was this all about?


  • Appoint meeting secretary
  • Approve minutes for Board Meeting 2009-10-08
  • Approve FOSS4G 2010 contract (please be prepared and discuss via email prior to this meeting!)
  • Executive Positions and Board responsibilities.
  • Report from Incubation Committee
    • MapFish is recommended for incubation with Gary Sherman as mentor.
    • GeoServer is recommended for incubation with Richard Gould as mentor.
  • Report from FOSS4G 2009
  • add your points


IRC Logs Here - starting at 07h00


  • Directors:
    • Arnulf Christl, Howard Butler, Chris Schmidt, Markus Neteler, Ari Jolma, Ravi Kumar, Jeff McKenna
  • Staff: Tyler Mitchell (Executive Director, Secretary)

NOTE this meeting was through Internet chat (IRC), therefore was not an official meeting

Discussion Points and Decisions

  • FOSS4G2010 contract
    • must wait til Lorenzo and Grupo Pacifico come up with final version
    • proposed contract was reviewed in Sydney (paul, tyler, arnulf, ticheler, lorenzo, jeff)
      • jeff, tyler, arnulf to send contract to board list when Grupo Pacifico approves contract
  • Executive Positions and Board Responsibilities
  • Report from Incubation Committee
    • committee recommends MapFish and GeoServer
    • also hopes that degree becomes recommended for graduation soon
    • struggle to find enough mentor volunteers
    • possible additional reqmts for OSGeo projects
    • frank dissatisfied with availability of members. committee is 'doing the role i see for it"
    • arnulf wonders if committeee should have greater responsibility for graduated projects
    • arnulf suggests we have one project report from one project per board meeting

Action Summary

  • TODO:
    • jeff, tyler, arnulf to send FOSS4G2010 contract to board list when Grupo Pacifico approves contract
    • Arnulf to come up with Roles of board members
    • arnulf to ask incubation committe on recommendation to move the copyright of projects to OSGeo
    • all board members asked to join incubation