Board Meeting 2013-10-17

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This board meeting is scheduled for the 17th of October 2013 at [1] on IRC and follow up voting on Skype or by email.


  • Discuss FOSS4G LOC vs OSGeo involvement
    • Need to setup processes for managing FOSS4G
      • Template Contract with PCO
      • Non-profit aspects (taxes vs PCO, extending nonprofit status to LOC, etc.)
      • See email from PDX committee
  • Make a formal motion about potential inactive Charter members
    • Proposal: Current OSGeo Charter members who have not voted in the last two board elections will be invited (via email) to move from the current OSGeo-Charter member list to a Past OSGeo Charter Members list, and will loose their voting rights. These emailed members may either respond with a commitment to vote in future board elections, or be moved. Not responding within 3 weeks would result in being moved.
  • Discuss possibility of extended Board meeting re: OSGeo priorities
    • Discuss OSGeo vision, mission, objectives, policies updates
    • Possible business-dev position to manage sponsor relations
    • Setup one or more working groups?
    • SAC issues
  • Discuss OSGeo involvement with partner organizations:
    • Building OSGeo-OGC synergies in Geospatial Education (following up discussions at FOSS4G 2013)
    • OGC, LocationTech, OSGeo Sponsors, (others?)
    • Need champions for each one?
  • OSGeo servers infrastructure for FOSS4G-* conferences (FOSS4G-E in this case, web server, mailing lists, several mail addresses).
    • Is it common, what about other teams, how did they do it?
    • Is it required, does OSGeo want to provide such infrastructure?
  • add your items here
  • Decide on who to report this meeting summary to the Discuss list
  • Schedule next meeting

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  • [20:00 UTC] start