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** Partnerships
** Partnerships
*** [https://www.osgeo.org/partners Partners]
*** [https://www.osgeo.org/partners Partners]
* Voting
** [https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Board_Voting_Procedure Voting Procedures]
Budget and Finances
Budget and Finances

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This page provides new incoming Board members with a checklist of infrastructure/tools, as well as (in reverse) safe off boarding of same.


There are distinct tasks that the board of directors are responsible for, including:

  • Appoint executive
  • Approve budget
  • Approve policy and procedures
  • Resolve issues that cannot be resolved within committees
  • Formally represent OSGeo

Annual events

In a given year, the below compose the core events and processes that the board interacts with:

  • welcome new directors
  • board meeting and onboarding
  • annual budget (contact committees, draft, revise, etc...)
  • regional foss4g events (possible member meeting)
  • foss4g (possible f2f or member meeting)
  • member elections
  • director elections


Board Wiki


These are all our internal documents (contracts, agreements) and possibly sensitivity in nature.

Mailing lists

Video Conferencing





Issue Tracker

Board Officers and History

Website Roles

  • editor - news, events, etc...
  • partners editor - edit partner pages
  • board - list on board and officer pages

Social Media

Conflict of Interest Policy for Directors


Budget and Finances