Building MapGuide quick starts guides

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Quick starts that describe how to build and install MapGuide Open Source from subversion. Some of these may not be up-to-date; please feel free to modify them yourself if you are installing a newer version of MapGuide than what is posted.

Building MapGuide on Windows

Building MapGuide on Fedora Core 4

Building MapGuide on Fedora Core 6

Building MapGuide on Red Hat Linux 3

Building MapGuide on Debian Sarge (unsuccessful)

Building Mapguide on Ubuntu 6.06 Server

Building Mapguide on Ubuntu 7.04 Server -> This is for MapGuide 1.2 and it also works on Debian Etch

Building Mapguide on Ubuntu 7.10 Server -> This is for MapGuide 2.0 (work in progress)

Building MapGuide on Ubuntu 8.04 -> MapGuide 2.0.1

Building MapGuide on CentOS 5