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California Geographical Society

Event Owner
Alex Mandel(wildintellect)
May 1-3, 2009
Santa Ynez, Ca
Annual California Geographical Society Conference

We will be tabling for OSGeo at the California Geographical Society annual conference to spread the knowledge of FOSS tools in the local academic culture. This conference has high attendance from the Cal State University and Community College systems. This is our 2nd year in a row, last year was great, CGS 2008


Vendor Information


Joe is attending, volunteering at booth.

Paul is attending, volunteering at booth.

Credit:Michele Tobias

Booth hours are 7-4 on Sat, May 2, 2009 This is a guess since we don't know the session schedule yet. I'll double check last years and update the times as needed.

Timeslot Volunteers
7-8am Setup Alex, Michele
8-9:30am Michele
9:30am-10:30am Alex, Michele
10:30am-12 Alex, Michele
12-1pm Joe, Paul
1pm-3pm Joe, Paul, Alex
4pm Cleanup Alex, Michele

Sessions & Talks

Full Schedule & Abstracts

  • Alex Mandel - Spatialite: a new geospatial format and analysis tool
    • 8am 1B. Graduate Papers – Room S2
  • Michele Tobias - Beach Builders: California Beach Plants as Potential Biogeomorphic Agents (Using Grass, R & QGIS)
    • 2:30pm, 5B. Graduate Papers – Room S2



List of Items we need and proposed budget to come from California/Budget and the Marketing team.

Item Cost Notes
Banner $0 Use California Chapter Exhibition Pack
Table Skirt $0 Use California Chapter Exhibition Pack
Handouts $0 Leftovers from AAG 2009
Booth $75 Need to contact for price, and to book by April 15th.
Live CD or Software $? Maybe some volunteer copied if it's up to par.
T-shirts/hats $0 For tablers, sent by Tyler
Demo Machines Persnoal Running Live GIS Disc
Total $75/? Estimate/~Final(?)