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The California Exhibition Pack is available for OSGeo marketing purposes at any events sponsored by the Chapter or OSGeo in general.


Durable Items

Item Description Photo Date Aquired Notes
Table Skirt 8' black with the old logo printed on it, fire info sewn into one corner.
Table Runner Green 30"x80" printed plastic with sewn edges, should be replaced with a cloth version. Fire info attached
Banner and Stand Lightweight 30"x80" printed plastic with protective coat, stand is a tripod lower 1/2 with tent stake upper half, banner held by screws threw grommets.
Literature Stand 3 tier, dividable(plastic dividers taped to it) hold up to 8.5x11 sheet
Business card holder 2x plastic business card holders, holds ~100 cards each
Sign Holder Holds a single sheet of paper at easy veiwing angle for passerby, for announements like GSOC, Sessions at a conference, Mapping Parties

Consumable Items

Item Description Photo/Link Quantity(Orig/Current) Notes
FOSS4G Sydney Postcard 1/3 sheet laminated card stock postcards 100/~75 Sent from the Sydney organizers
OSGeo Brochures Full sheet, 1/2 folded 1000/~600 Sent from Marketing, some might be mailed to other chapters.
Business Cards Generic OSGeo cards with website, email and project list 1000/~950
Magnets Business Card sized OSGeo logo, white background. 20/~10
Stickers OSGeo logo on black, white or clear 50/~40
OSM Buttons 1" OpenStreetMap logo buttons ~100 Quantity is a guess, not sure how many they sent from CloudMade


How to get it

The items are currently stored at the Information Center for the Environment(ICE) in Davis, CA

We plan to hand deliver or use snail services as necessary to move it to events.

In a pinch if both of us are unreachable you can also contact Dave Waetjen or Jim Quinn. Please see the ICE website for details.

Appropriate usage

Any chapter approved event or OSGeo marketing approved event is welcome to use the materials. You may need to come up with the shipping costs if the chapter has insufficient funds. To get an event approved you need to email the mailing list and we need to decide as a group if we have the funds and volunteers for an event.