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During the FOSS4G2007 conference in Victoria, BC, Canada, there will be conference rooms available for people to hold Birds-of-a-Feather sessions.


Below is a summary of the BOFs and when/where they will be run. Contact Tyler for any questions or changes. Times and rooms may change - changes will be posted on announcement boards during the event.

We can easily accomodate at least 3 more BOFs and, if needed, run some more on Wednesday. Wednesday slots are only 1 hour long and will be announced/allocated during the event. Closing times are firm and the conference centre will be closed at the end of the meetings.

Room (capacity) Tues 25
Lecture Theatre (400) (one group only)
Oak Bay - 1 (70) OSGeo Education Committee BOF Charlie Schweik
Oak Bay - 2 (70) OSGeo Geodata Committee BOF David Bitner
Saanich - 1 (126) WebMap BOF Lorenzo Becchi / Paul Spencer
Saanich - 2 (50) Francophone Local Chapter Yves Jacolin
Salon C (100) - Group 1 MapGuide Open Source Nathalie Mainland / Bob Bray
Salon C (100) - Group 2 Quantum GIS Gary Sherman
Salon C (100) - Group 3 Cross Project Java BOF Jody Garnett, Chris Holmes, Jesse Eichar
Salon C (100) - Group 4

Sooke (10) Drupal! Patrick Hayes
View Royal (60) GeoFunctions XSLT BOF Peter Rushforth

Backup timeslot timetable.

Room (capacity) Weds 26
Lecture Theatre (400) (one group only) Standards BOF Arnulf is Ersatz for Michael Gerlek
Oak Bay - 1 (70)

Oak Bay - 2 (70)

Saanich - 1 (126) OpenLayers pre-codesprint meetup Christopher Schmidt
Saanich - 2 (50)

Salon C (100) - Group 1

Salon C (100) - Group 2

Salon C (100) - Group 3

Salon C (100) - Group 4

Sooke (10)

View Royal (60)

Tuesday September 25, 2007

This is the primary BOF time slot.

  • BOF sessions are scheduled from 16:45 to 19:00
  • Labs and Presentations are scheduled to end at 16:30
  • There is the possibility of sponsored events starting at 19:00

Wednesday September 26, 2007

This is a 'backup' BOF time slot. It is short but is available for anyone who needs a quick meeting.

  • BOF sessions are scheduled from 16:45 to 17:45
  • the Dinner Reception at the Royal BC Museum starts at 18:00
  • Please only use this time slot if necessary. Many people will need to leave by 17:45 in order to be at the Dinner Reception on time.

Conference Rooms available for BOF sessions

  • The seating capacity that is listed is a maximum number, that may be reduced.
  • The rooms will be setup with chairs, but not tables.
  1. Lecture Theatre (400) (Can only accomodate 1 group due to the layout of the room)
  2. Oak Bay-1 (70)
  3. Oak Bay-2 (70)
  4. Saanich-1 (126)
  5. Saanich-2 (50)
  6. Salon C (400) (Could hold up to 4 BOFs of 100 people)
  7. Sooke (10)
  8. View Royal (60)

BOF organization

You can use this page to organize your BOF session:

  • create a section below for your BOF
  • have people edit this page to indicate they will be attending
  • if you need a bigger room than that which has been assigned to you, let Tyler know
  • you must provide a contact person who is managing the meeting
  • also make your description as clear as possible, for many attendees it will be the only thing they read before choosing one

BOF sessions


  • informal, open forum about OSGeo and standards related activies (as per
  • mpg will intro, lightly moderate
  • hope to have Raj from OGC speak about their openness wrt KML, etc


  • Trying to maintain continuity with the debate started in Lausanne 2006, It would be good to see what has been done during this year and what should be done next year. Which project already integrated OL, which pro/cons arised, ecc. ecc.
  • It would be important too to refine the targets of the Code Sprint.
  • KML support
  • REST WMS (Seven begs for thorough minutes as she is highly interested in this topic and plans for an experimental RESTful OGC WMS implementation. She will have to attend the standards BOF as she is of more use there. Trades good minutes for a favor in the standards realm. :-)

Francophone Local Chapter, contact: Yjacolin

  • First meeting
  • Think about a Francophone FOSS4G
  • Francophone projects

MapGuide Open Source

  • Discuss Fusion and other technology contributions

OSGeo education group (OSGeo edu)

  • Introductions of participants, including their interest in OSGeo edu, and what they are thinking about doing over the next year
  • Discussion on how to move toward a more cohesive effort for the development of educational material
  • Review of OSGeo edu wiki pages and discussion of possible improvements?
  • Short presentation of the OSGeo Moodle installation and brain storm on how to activate and use it's potential; and possible use of Rice U's connextions system
  • Short discussion which licenses to best use for tutorial and curriculum documents
  • Please add any other ideas?

OSGeo Geodata Committee

GeoFunctions - XSLT 2 functions for GEO using saxon

  • proposed: develop a library of functions in XSLT 2 for geographic data processing
  • support: GML, KML, GeoRSS, GeoJSON etc.
  • implement standard functions, such as area, perimeter, length, centroid, centre-point etc.
  • experiment with more complex functionality: re-projection, clip, intersection, indexing
  • make maps with XSL-FO, SVG, PDF
  • useful for: small amounts of data in XML format, server side
  • have fun and learn

Enter your name here if you would like to join in the discussion:

Peter Rushforth

Quantum GIS

  • Introductions
  • Discussion of future development and features

Cross Project Java BOF

  • Introductions
  • ...
  • Head to Swans Pub for Beer

OpenLayers pre sprint

OpenLayers has a number of policies and other things related to committing to OpenLayers -- getting set up with SVN accounts, and the like. If you are planning to participate in the OpenLayers codesprint, you should attend this gathering to make sure that you're all set up.

This is to make sure that anyone who wants to hack on OL with us on Friday gets set up with everything they need beforehand.

Drupal and GeoOSS