FOSS4G2008 Committee Issues

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FOSS4G2008 LOC 'whiteboard'

This page lists jobs for FOSS4G 2008 that need help from volunteers as well ideas and comments.


We would reach a wider audience with parts of the website and announcements translated into major languages. Besides Africa and other developing areas, we specifically want to target China, India, Russia and other countries that have large FOSS interests yet limited involvement. If you can help please add your name and e-mail address here.

  • User:Arnulf Christl translates to German and publishes in German language regions (where is the text to translate?)

Issues to resolve

OCS website management

Various configuration and improvements needed, including having multi-languages (as above) which may not be possible at present. Really we could use some PHP programming help to improve OCS so that it more perfectly suits our needs. Development is active on this project, but they are getting maxed out. (User:Tmitchell)

  • Modules to allow localisation of conference - e.g. travel arrangements, things to do and see
  • Extensibility of the registration module to, for example, capture interests in workshops
  • Float Drop bug in IE - essentially, main column of layout drops beneath the sidebar in IE - easily fixed in the CSS with a:
    • html #main { overflow-x: auto; overflow-y: hidden; width: 100%;} statement (User:gmcferren)

Outreach Day

Volunteers needed The Outreach Day will be on 3 October, the last day of the conference. We would like to organise the following, other ideas welcome:

  • Public lectures on FOSS GIS given by FOSS GIS delegates.
  • FOSS GIS workshops for
    • High School teachers
    • University students
    • University lecturers / faculty
    • Government officials

These activities would be held at schools, universities or other public facilities in and around Cape Town.

Developers Code Sprint

Volunteers needed This will also be held on 3 Oct. All hackers welcome. We need someone to coordinate logistics.

Technical Visits

Volunteers needed These will also be held on 3 Oct and possibly on 29 Sept. We need someone to secure visits and organise logistics

Associated courses and workshops

If you know of any related courses or workshops being offered in southern Africa before or after FOSS4G2008 please list them here. The same goes if you or someone you know is willing to offer something specifically. This will allow delegates who can spend more time in SA to get more value from their visit and give them and excuse to travel to other parts of southern Africa!

  • Graeme, how about ICT4EO offering a Sensor Web course in Pretoria (or KNP) after the conference?