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Distributation: foss4g presenters _DRAFT_

Please check links to your FOSS4G presentation and video are correct

Sydney, Australia. 2 December 2009.

FOSS4G presenters,

Next Monday, we will send a press release announcing the availability of FOSS4G presentations and videos. So by this Friday 4 December, could you please verify and correct references to your FOSS4G presentation and video on the google doc at: . (We are aware that we have a number of inconsistencies.)

Video links from need to be added to the spreadsheet and we are looking for help to complete this.

The spreadsheet contains hints in blue for each column. Please add your name to the verified column when you have finished. If you are able to verify other presentations as well, even better.


  • Today, Wednesday 2 December, send this announcement
  • Friday 4 December, corrections to spreadsheet complete
  • Sat/Sun, apply revised details to the website
  • Monday 7 December, send press release announcing availability of FOSS4G presentations and videos

If your presentation is still not loaded, could you please:

  1. Email your presentation to foss4g2009 AT lists . os geo . org, including Title, Presenter, Day, Time, Room, and attach the presentation. If your image is greater than 10 Meg, please contact us to coordinate an alternative upload arrangement.
  2. If you have not already done so, please confirm that your presentation can be published under the Creative Commons by sending the following email to foss4g2009 AT lists . os geo . org
I, <first name> <last name> confirm that my presentation titled "<title>", and presented
during the FOSS4G 2009 is available to all under the terms of the
Creative Commmons Attribution-Share Alike license:
  1. Then update the spreadsheet above with the correct information.

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