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| 2 || [[User:Astrid_Emde | Astrid Emde]] || astrid_emde  osgeo.org  || Mapbender, OSGeoLive, OSGeo marketing committee & todos || yes
| 2 || [[User:Astrid_Emde | Astrid Emde]] || astrid_emde  osgeo.org  || Mapbender, OSGeoLive, OSGeo marketing committee & todos || yes
| 3 || [[User:Lucadelu | Luca Delucchi]] || lucadeluge gmail com  || GRASS GIS, OSGeoLive, pyModis ||

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Powered by Tansania DataLab Osgeo-logo.png FOSS4G2018 Logo.png

Code Sprint

Venue: Tansania DataLab (Dar Es Saalam, Tansania)

This year, once again, we are following the old tradition of hosting a code sprint right after FOSS4G 2018. The code sprint will be held Saturday September 1rst and Sunday 2nd, 2018.

Participation in the code sprint is free of charge and all folks currently involved or interested in getting involved in OSGeo community projects are welcome.

This is open to all who wish to participate in one or more projects. There’s always plenty to do – it’s not all about programming. Translation, documentation, feedback, discussions, and testing are also very important for projects! Registration with the conference is not a prerequisite for participation in code sprint.

If you plan to attend, please signup in the table below. If you are unable to sign up, you are still welcome to attend the Code Sprint and we'll add your name when you get to the Sprint.

Please note that the QGIS Developer Meeting is in the week before the main FOSS4G conference

The Codesprint Organizing Team is looking forward to your coming!

In summary:


  • Saturday September 1rs 8AM - 5PM
  • Sunday September 2nd 8AM - 5PM


Power connector:

Registered Attendees

The Code Sprint does not cost any money. For us it makes planning easier if we know who is coming. So please leave your Name.

No Name Email Projects vegetarian food
1 Jody Garnett jody.garnett@gmail.com GeoServer, GeoTools, incubation committee
2 Astrid Emde astrid_emde osgeo.org Mapbender, OSGeoLive, OSGeo marketing committee & todos yes
3 Luca Delucchi lucadeluge gmail com GRASS GIS, OSGeoLive, pyModis

Please add yourself


Getting the most of a code sprint takes a lot of prep. Please use this area to decide on a topic, sort out a plan of attack.

Please keep in mind that the FOSS4G conference is an outreach event. Some of the "new" volunteers are learning about open source for the first time, consider listing some activities (and perhaps having a mentor on hand to facilitate).


Pleased to welcome new developer! Experience with Java and Maven recommended.

1. dependency update for Java 18.9 LTS release compatibility




  • videos for more complex element like SearchRouter and SimpleSearch
  • test new version & OL4 version




  • work on german translation
  • ...

your project

Attending: (add your name)

Goals: (add your goals)