Fourteenth VisCom Meeting

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Date and Time

The meeting will be on November 16th, 2006, at 16:00 UTC [[1]]] (8am PST) (moved out a week, from Nov 9th)

The meeting will take place on IRC at #osgeo and as a [conference call].

Standing Agenda

  1. Assign scribe
  2. Roll call
  3. review of previous meeting's minutes and tasks
  4. New Business (below)
  5. Review action items
  6. Set next meeting date
  7. Adjourn

New Business

  • Event coordination with Autodesk. Discuss changes and future relationship. (Tyler/Nathalie)
  • Promo. materials needed for upcoming event (Tyler)
  • Future event planning list/budget for board


  • Meeting 16:15 UTC - 17:00 UTC
  • In attendance: Nathalie, Michael, Tyler
  • Tyler acting as scribe

Focused on new business items

Logo/Branding Update

  • Michael leading...
  • Latest version of logo is here - as basis for future branding/logo work (NOTE: that designer was just playing with tagline in these examples. For most purposes the tagline will not be used)
  • Michael is expecting first set of digital products from Push Design next week.
  • Some interruption due to holiday coming up.

Executive Director Update

  • Tyler provided update on his Viscom-related activities
  • Re: Viscom, he has been focusing on sponsorship and promotion items
  • Michael to have copy edit review of sponsorship page for us this week

Event coordination with Autodesk

  • Tyler led discussiong re: AU event
    • Autodesk is funding/organising our (10x10') booth at the event
    • Tyler to do duty roster for booth - Tuesday night is essential (party/expo), Nathalie to send more names of staff who can help
    • Autodesk pulled together more artwork for booth, will pass by us for review
    • Future events need to organised/funded by OSGeo
  • Nathalie to provide list of OSGeo assets (banner, table drape, pop-up signage, etc) and have them shipped to Michael
  • Discussed event planning needs
    • Tyler to review Lisa's docs. re: what we need to for future shows, i.e. "How to have a local event"
    • Michael to send a copy of his corp. briefing book for our review
    • Nathalie describing some of the items that need to be covered for an event
  • Michael to complete draft list of upcoming eventsstill look at upcoming event list
    • Nathalie is also looking at upcoming show lists - mainly interested in speaking opportunities for Autodesk. Looking for input on events where it might be best for Autodesk to have a corp. booth vs donating booth to OSGeo.
    • Nathalie suggested approaching major tradeshow circuits, i.e. O'Reilly, in advance to look for deals, get estimates for deals on planning multi-events discounts, etc.

Promotion Material

  • Tyler describes two upcoming promotional/fundraising events that he will need promo. material for:
    • Potential meeting with Canadian federal gov't groups (Ottawa, Dec '06)
    • Potential meeting with US federal gov't groups (Washington DC, Mar '07)
  • Tyler to start planning for needed promo material