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Processing services

Coord ref systems = preserving the original information and being able to do transforms

indexing SLD and being able to query through an SLD driven approach

Jody: "No-one cares about the catalog at all... metadata is by definition useless"

Stefan's braindump

At ISO/OGC there is currently plan 'A' underway and this is CSW 2.1 with ebRIM. Most of us find this too complicated, but we have to find out yet. As an protocol for distributed querying full management metadata I perhaps don't mind, but as a common procotol for exchanging miminal metadata I do! I'd like sexy small metadata records which allow for smart search services... :->

I have a special plan B (and probably someone proposes plan C?):

1. All: Let's first recognize the uses cases and sort then out (minimal) metadata for exchange and (exhaustive) metadata for own management. 2. Service providers and data owners (= all): Let's decide on one quickly first about the metadata exchange model together with an incremental specification process for future adaptations. 3. Data owners (and providers) only: Let's decide internal in an organization about the metadata managemet model while adherring to minimal metadata exchange protocols.

See for some thoughts.

-- Stefan