Google Summer of Code 2015 Results

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OSGeo participated in Google Summer of Code 2015 with 13 projects, all successful:

Description of the projects

Example: software XYZ - title of my GSoC project


  • Mentors: Mentor1; Mentor2; OtherMentors?
  • My project focused on xxx.
  • The state of the project as it was BEFORE your GSoC. For example, if you made a GUI, you can say: "In the software XYZ, when I wanted to use the tool xxx, I had to manually edit the file yyy. "
  • The addition that your project brought to the software. In the same example: "With the GUI that I created, now it is possible to use the tool xxx via graphical user interface".
  • Add all the links (hopefully permanent) to access the relevant code and documentation for the user to get started with testing your application. "Please test my code following instructions here".
  • Slide The slide / image should serve to show the main elements of your project. It could be a flow chart, a screenshot, both, or whatever you think could serve for the scope. Remember: the aim is to showcase your project to people that are not necessarily familiar with the software.