Google Summer of Code 2016 Accepted

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Accepted Proposals

This year OSGeo accepted 22 students working on the following projects.

Community Project Student 1st mentor 2nd mentor Links
GDAL Introduce Triangulated Surface, Polyhedral Surface and Triangle API in the OGRGeometry core and implement their support in OGR drivers for GDAL Avyav Kumar Singh Rob Emanuele Even Rouault Github
GDAL GDAL DWG support Alexandr Borzykh Dmitry Baryshnikov Even Rouault Github


GRASS GIS Complete basic cartography suite in GRASS GIS wxGUI Map Display Adam Laža Anna Petrasova Vaclav Petras ...
GRASS GIS GRASS GIS - Additional segmentation algorithms for i.segment Bo Yang Moritz Lennert Markus Neteler Wiki
GRASS GIS GRASS GIS - PyQt implementation of GUI forms generated automatically from XML Ondřej Pešek Vaclav Petras Anna Petrasova ...
GRASS GIS GRASS GIS - WEBGRASS Mayank Agrawal Rashad Kanavath Massimo Di Stefano Wiki
gvSIG Add tests and educational games support to gvSIG Educa. Carlos I. Colombana Oscar Martinez Joaquin del Cerro Wiki
gvSIG Development of a model for woody debris flooding hazard in gvSIG Silvia Franceschi Andrea Antonello Riccardo Rigon github
istSOS Android istSOS client Cioloboc FlorinDaniel Mirko Cardoso Milan Antonovic ...
istSOS istSOS Web API Luka Glušica Massimiliano Cannata Milan Antonovic Wiki
istSOS VistSOS: the istSOS Data Visualization Framework Felipe Poveda Milan Antonovic Massimiliano Cannata ...
NASA World Wind NASA Web World Wind - Multidimensional Visualization Tool for Environmental Variables Gabriele Prestifilippo Jakub Balhar Patrick Hogan Wiki
OpenLayers3 - Google maps OGC protocols support within OL3-Google-Maps Samuel Lapointe Alexandre Dube Jessica Lapointe Wiki
One bus Away One bus Away Quick start Brendan Egan Og Crudden Stefan Steiner ...
OSSIM A complete photogrammetric OSSIM tool for automatic DSMs generation using multi-view optical and SAR images Martina Di Rita Oscar Kramer Dave Burken Wiki
pgRouting Flow Algorithms for pgRouting Andrea Nardelli Daniel Kastl Vicky Vergara Github Wiki
pgRouting Implementation of a framework which supports addition of contraction techniques for pgRouting Sankepally Rohith Reddy Vicky Vergara Daniel Kastl Github Wiki
PyWPS Remote Output Storage for PyWPS Vikas Mishra Jachym Cepicky Jonas Eberle Wiki
PyWPS Web-based administration & process management for PyWPS Jan Rudolf Jonas Eberle Jachym Cepicky ...
QGIS QGIS Styles, Symbols, and SVG Markers Sharing Repository Akbar Gumbira Alessandro Pasotti Anita Graser Wiki
ZOO-Project Bringing pyModis to the web through ZOO-Project Chingchai Humhong Luca Delucchi Gerald Fenoy Wiki
ZOO-Project Implementing WPS for Geopaparazzi field data collection tool using ZOO-Project: Simplifying integration of field data and GIS Niroshan Sanjaya Gerald Fenoy Andrea Antonello Wiki

See the accepted projects on Google's platform.