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* [[User:Schpidi|Stephan Meissl]] (planning to join hangout - currently not planning to travel)
* [[User:Schpidi|Stephan Meissl]] (planning to join hangout - currently not planning to travel)
* [[User:Kalxas|Angelos Tzotsos]] (planning to join hangout - currently not planning to travel)
* [[User:Kalxas|Angelos Tzotsos]] (planning to join hangout - currently not planning to travel)
* [[User:Jachym| Jachym CEpicky]] (planning to join hangout - interested in helping out with the workshop)
-- Please add your name here
-- Please add your name here

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Coordination of activities of OSGeo projects at INSPIRE Conference



  • March 15, 2013 Deadline for submitting paper and workshops proposals (extension given from March 1)
  • March 29 2013 Deadline for submitting poster proposals

Workshop proposal

It wouldn't be a classic workshop format but rather a barcamp inside the conference. The aim is to put around a table people from OSGeo and people from INSPIRE, in order to understand each other's world. From the conference website:

"Pre-conference workshops will take place on the 23/24 June. Each workshop or tutorial may be proposed for a single 90-minute session. A typical conference participant may register for up to four 90-minute workshops or tutorials during the workshop day. All workshops and tutorials will be open to all conference participants at no additional cost, however a daily fee will be charged for those attending workshops only. If you are interested in submitting a workshop proposal, please provide the following information:"

Proposed Workshop Title

Tennis table match: OSGeo vs INSPIRE

Organizer/Contact Person

(name, title, address, country, phone, fax, e-mail):

OSGeo, see names below

Workshop Description and Goals

(250 words or less suitable for posting on the web. Please include in the description if the session will involve lecture, hands-on exercises, group exercises, etc., whether any take-home materials will be supplied and indicate whether participants should bring a laptop computer or anything else to the workshop.)

  • Duration 90 minutes
  • Round table (to the aim of smoothing the edges of INSPIRE)
  • Lead developers on one side (various technologies) and members of the INSPIRE Technical Committee on the other
  • 15-20 expected participants
  • 60 minutes of quick presentations (3 minutes / 1 slide each)
  • 30 minutes heated but constructive discussion on the issues raised
  • Possible topics:
    1. complexity of INSPIRE technical guidance and OGC standards
    2. potential mismatch between INSPIRE specs and national standards
    3. optimisation of communication channels on Inspire between OSGeo and INSPIRE
    4. setting up a tracking system for INSPIRE implementations
    5. setting up wiki pages (multilingual) to make INSPIRE documentation more readable
    6. how to test and validate INSPIRE compliancy
    7. how to change/simplify INSPIRE technical guidance in practice
    8. how to contribute to INSPIRE Maintenance [1]
    9. automation of INSPIRE adoption through support in the various software packages

Intended Audience and any Required Skills or Interests

(technicians, managers, policymakers, etc., whether introductory or advanced, what skills if any participants should possess)

  • possibly, free of charge for speakers (to be checked if feasible)
  • for OSGEO projects that cannot attend we should gather a couple of slides from each positioning itself "against" INSPIRE
  • main audience: GFOSS developers and users + INSPIRE people: implicit support for INSPIRE in any kind of software will give a big boost to the adoption of the directive; even outside EU

Exploratory meeting

G+ hang out on Thursday 14 March at 4 pm CET

Who is participating

-- Please add your name here

Additional notes

Exploring the possibility of fee reduction / budget allocation to cover the costs of speakers... (ongoing tentative)