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Proposed date: Monday April 24th 2006.

Proposed time: 18:00 UTC - Fixed time around the world (2:00pm EST, 11:00am PST)

Proposed location: IRC channel #osgeo.


  • Approve minutes from IncCom Meeting4.
  • Assign Mentors for OSSIM, GRASS, and MapBuilder.
  • Accept Sean Gilles resignation.
  • Plan to bring forward incubation procedure documents to the board for adoption (by May 5th?).
  • Discuss requests for SAC (the System Administration Committee) for services we need from non-CollabNet OSGeo systems, possibly based on the Project Infrastructure Migration thoughts.


The meeting was called to order at 2:04pm, EST, April 24th, 2006.

Individuals present included Frank Warmerdam (Chair), Daniel Brookshier, Arnulf Christl, Paul Spencer, Norman Vine, Robert Bray, Richard Gould, Chris Holmes, Steve Lime.

  • Minutes of April 10th approved.
  • Richard Gould was appointed to the Incubation Committee.
  • Richard Gould was named mentor for the OSSIM project.
  • Norman Vine was appointed to the Incubation Committee.
  • Norman Vine and Arnulf Christl were appointed co-mentors for the GRASS project.
  • Daniel Brookshier was appointed mentor for the MapBuilder project.
  • Sean Gilles resignation from the Incubation Committee accepted with regret.
  • It was generally agreed that we aren't looking to add more specific requirements for completing incubation beyond those already discussed.
  • It was decided to setup the wiki page Official IncCom Documents (status) to contain the set of documents being prepared for submission to the board.
  • Daniel Brookshier and Paul Spencer were appointed co-editors for the incubation process document set with an objective to have them ready for review and possible approval by the committee for May 1st.
  • Suggestions for SAC including hosting live demonstration servers (The Stack), Plone (for MapServer), Confluence and related tools for GeoTools and MapBuilder and MediaWiki (OSGeo in general, GDAL).
  • Next meeting in one week, on May 1st.
  • Meeting closed.