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Intergeo 2006 10-12 October 2006 (Munich, Germany). The OSGeo operates a booth area providing resources for Open Source GIS software projects and space for commercial enterprises. The LinuxTag 2006 event featured a small forerunner of the OSGeo booth.


The Open Source Park is operated by the OSGeo, preliminary plans are available on the Operate OSGeo Booth Wiki page. There will be two exhibit categories 'Booth' and 'InfoPoint'. Free Software Geo, GIS and community projects can request for an InfoPoint free of cost.

The following two sketches show the booth floor plan (kindly provided by Hinte Messe GmbH).

Floor plan beach small.jpg

Booth perspective beach small.jpg


Booth area in the Open Source Park of the Intergeo can be acquired by businesses that are active in fostering OS GIS software and furthering the development of the OSGeo Foundation. Read more about the proposed OSGeo Promotion Application.

Please add yourself to the following list if you are interested. This is not an official confirmation but just an expression of interest. Details regarding the cost, infrastructure and additional services provided by the OSGeo Open Source Park are available for download at VisCom. Do not use this document to apply for a booth directly as your application has to be evaluated by OSGeo first. Please subscribe to VisCom mailing list for general information and [1] for application. Find all sent messages in the Archive.

Free and Open Source Community Exhibitors

These Free and Open Source communities will appear at the Open Source Park and highlight their projects. If you are interested in appearing at the Intergeo 2006 please

Professional Service Provider Exhibitors

The following service provider will appear at the Open Source Park of the Intergeo 2006. If you are interested in appearing at the Intergeo 2006 please

Agenda Open Source Park

All interested Free and Open Source Community Members and Professional Service Provider Exhibitors are invited to give a presentation in the Open Source Park. Please register your wishes for date, time and title of your presentation and your e-mail adress to contact you. The presentation should NOT be longer than 15 minutes.

daily once or more a day PostGIS: Geospatial Database Frank Koormann
daily twice a day, 15 Min, Eine Einführung in die OSGeo Arnulf Christl
daily twice a day Neuigkeiten in der Software Mapbender Uli Rothstein et al
daily twice a day / on request, ein freies Angebot für die Schule/Ausbildung (GIS for schools/education) Georg Lösel / GAV
one day once or twice Das Geoportal der Metropolregion Hamburg ( Katharina Lupp
daily twice a day OpenCatalogue - Die Open Source Metadaten-Lösung Rolf Lessing, Markus Müller,
daily twice a day deegree iGeoSecurity - Sichere OGC Web Services Hans Plum, Jens Fitzke, Markus Müller [fitzke|mueller|plum]
daily twice a day Zugang zu Geodateninfrastrukturen mit deegree iGeoPortal Hans Plum, Jens Fitzke, Markus Müller [fitzke|mueller|plum]
daily once or twice a day Geometry editing and animation of time dimension using Flash and deegree Herman Assink
daily once or twice a day Einfache WebGIS-Administration mit MapStorer Olaf Knopp
daily once or twice a day Accessing protected OGC Services: The 52N Security System Jan Drewnak/Rüdiger Gartmann