Marketing Committee Budget 2022

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OSGeo Budget

Proposed Budget 2022

The following draft is for discussion

Committee Budget Item
$3,000 Marketing/Outreach/Advocacy sprint Event
(TBD) Graphics support for updates to website and collatoral
Event Budget Item
$5,000 Brochures, project sheet, USB sticks and banners for various FOSS4G's in 2022
$1,000 FOSS4G 2022 Full booth required, banners, table cloths, stickers, collateral, usb-sticks, ...
$1,000 mapscaping podcast scale up
Tentative Item
$5,000 OSGeo website map integration (quick EOI to our community)
$10,000 Open licensed symbols map fonts (possible cross-projects proposal)
TOTAL (minus Tentative) Item
$30,000 ($15,000) Pending discussion of tentative items above