Marketing Meeting 2008.12.11

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  • Roll call
  • Reviewed minutes from last meeting
    • No issues or concerns identified
    • Attending: Tyler, Alex, Cameron, Michael, Jeroen, Daniele, Arnulf
  • Update TrademarkGuidelines and FAQ
    • This was Arnulf's item, we deferred to future meeting as he wasn't yet in the meeting.
    • TODO: Each member to review TrademarkGuidelines to see if changes are needed.
  • Approve Marketing Budget 2009
    • The major item for discussion during this meeting.
    • ADOPTED: majority of committee was in agreement with the Marketing Budget 2009 document.
    • Some reservations were expressed, more detail will be added for each item when workplans are developed.
    • TODO: Tyler breakdown marketing costs from 2007/2008 - to show what the budget was ultimately spent on
  • Next phase in branded material development.
    • Following from the [Marketing Communication Strategy 2008] we were going to develop material/website branding next.
    • Find another designer directly, or continue with previous company? These will feed into content used by the Exhibition Pack
    • Deferred to next meeting