Marketing Budget 2009

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FINAL - approved at Marketing Meeting 2008.12.11

Based on OSGeo Budget 2009 the board decided that the Marketing Committee would have up to $50,000 to manage. More details will be discussed at Marketing Committee meetings and updated here. More specific work plans and roles will be determined as projects progress.

2007 and 2008 Review

  1. 2007 financial reports and 2008 reports (for first three quarters of 2008) are available. These show the expenses for marketing.
  2. In summary, in 2008 approximately $14,000 was spent supporting marketing. In 2007 it was around $6,000.
  3. Refer to Marketing Budget 2008 for more background regarding the focus from the previous year.

2009 Overview

2008 saw review of our current communication plans, support of several events and some additional material development. 2009 will focus on the next stage of developing and clarifying our brand and developing new materials that can be used for handing out at events or for online use. This will include rebranding and design of our website as well as production of hardcopy material. There will still be some funding for event support (booth space, etc), but the spending focus will be largely on the exhibition pack concepts and website redesign. Shortfalls in funding will result in scaling back event support.

Communication and Branding

Phase 2, following up from Marketing Budget 2008 will involve more focused design products for use in the website and other material. These would be focussed on an OSGeo Brochure (2 sheets / 4 pages (DIN A 4, Format 21 x 29,7 cm) Concept, Design/Layout) and possibly on Website Design and OSGeo Journal Design.

Website Redesign

Following from Phase 2 above, redesign concepts for the website will be implemented. Including refocus of target groups and content, as well as look and feel.

Material Production

After above projects are complete there will be need to print and reproduce items such as brochures or advertisements. A small amount of funds is put aside for helping print, distribute and deliver these items. This will include trying to have them printed locally wherever possible.

Exhibition Pack Prototype

The goal is to have an easily redistributable package of material by the end of the year - see more at: Exhibition Pack. Having a single prototype is conservative, if time and funding permits then some packs will be distributed/subsidised during the 2009 year. Local sponsors of packs is also assumed to offset costs.

Event Support

The committee will select certain events that it sees as ideal for promoting OSGeo's goals. Funds may be used to cover costs such as booth rental space, booth supplies, sponsorship positions, travel costs for organisers, etc. This budget does not include a list of specific events, but is generally set to cover the costs of 2-4 events at $2-3,000 each.


  • Much of the above can be rolled up into the Exhibition Pack concept currently being discussed and preparation of materials to be used in the Pack.
  • Key branding for material and website are important components as well.
Item Est. Cost Timing Proportion
Communication / Branding (phase 2) $5,000 Q2-3 10%
WebSite Redesign $20,000 Q2-3 40%
Material Production $5,000 Q2-3 10%
Exhibition Pack Prototype $5,000 Q1 10%
Event Support $15,000 Q1-4 25%
Total $50,000 Roughly 50% Q1-2, 50% Q3-4 100%