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A simple intersection of the following two lists will show the targets that OSGeo's limited resources shold be directed at for best advantage.

The more detailed needs of the individuals who are covered here can be found at the WebCom OSGeo Site Focus page.

Who are we addressing?

The following list shows who Marketing should address. They should be prioritized...


  • GIS professionals
  • Web developer
  • Site maintainer (they often need vendor independent consultation for strategic questions)
  • ISP (they are multipliers, ISP with a standard LAPP+OSGeo Stack would be golden delicious)
  • Hobbyists


  • Magazine journalists
  • Bloggers

For-profit corporate types

  • The really big companies need not be addressed by marketing, they should be contacted and addressed directly. Whenever they stumble across OSGeo in the web they should recognize the Foundation and value what is being done here.
  • Spatially aware companies
  • Spatially ignorant companies
  • Single contractors
  • VP-level
  • Project leads, product managers, senior engineers / architects
  • Engineers


  • other well-known OS names
  • other OS foundations
  • well-known GIS/geo types, e.g. key-noter types
  • independent consultant types
  • non governmental organizations (NGO's)
  • non-profit types


  • Professors
  • Students


  • Small communities
  • Counties
  • States
  • Ministries
  • Regional, commercial organizations
  • Space agencies
  • International bodies (UN)

What is OSGeo's message?

  1. You can use OSGeo software to get useful work done.
  2. You can build your software/service on top of OSGeo software.
  3. You can sponsor OSGeo and get benefits.
  4. You can contribute time and effort to OSGeo to improve the organization and software.
  5. You can find businesses that can customize, extent and deploy OSGeo software for you.
  6. You can find businesses that can train your staff and provide support on OSGeo software. (Could be merged with above. Not sure if business is the best wording either)

At the executive left we might be trying to get messages 2 and 3 across. To average folks we might be promoting messages 1. To existing users we might be promoting message 4.

How to get the message across?

Media and transport vehicles to spread the OSGeo Meme.

OSGeo Newsletter

In progress

Tradeshows Conferences

See also Category:Events, Past Events, Proposed Events.

Appearances in order of required effort
  1. Booth
  2. Workshops
  3. Talks
  4. BOFs

Magazine Articles

See also GeoConnexion Column column.

  • Technical articles
  • Educational articles
  • Interviews with well-known OSGeo names

Direct Contact

  • Contact key influencers, many names/addresses already known by OSGeo members
  • Invite-only forum at shows? (e.g. host small dinner or luncheon)???
  • Press releases
  • OSGeo Blogs (Drupal offers this but except for Tyler we are not using this media yet)
  • Case studies and white papers


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