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This page describes OSGeo's process for selecting individuals as per the agreement between OGC and OSGeo by which up to six OSGeo community members can become OGC Individual Members free of cost.

Members of OGC and OSGeo

Many individuals, companies, universities and public administrations involved with OSGeo and Open Source software are also regular members of the OGC. The full list is available at the OGC web site. A lot of interaction and communication is already maintained through these members.

OSGeo Member Access to OGC Membership

Especially innovative new projects with no existing infrastructure or a regular commercial champion often did not have a chance to participate in the internal OGC processes. Both the OGC and OSGeo have a mutual interest in facilitating this collaboration and have as per their Memorandum of Understanding agreed to allow for six OGC Individual Memberships to be used by OSGeo members. To obtain a membership, you must:

  1. Determine if you are eligible for membership, based on the OGC Individual Membership rules.
  2. Submit a short summary of why you want an OGC membership and what work you plan to do with it. This summary should be sent to the selection committee (listed below).
  3. Every three months, send a summary of what you have done with your membership to the selection committee and the standards list.

Memberships are valid for six months, after which you may reapply.

Selection Committee

The selection committee keeps track of who is using our OGC memberships and what they are doing with them. The committee is appointed by the board of directors and periodically reports back to the board on the status of our OGC activity.

The members of this committee are currently:

The committee operates transparently, recording its action on the Standards Mailing List.

Current Members

  1. Angelos Tzotsos term ends on 2015-04-01 (confirmed active on 2015-09-10; reported to list on 2015-09-10)
  2. Gerald Fenoy term ends on 2015-09-28 (confirmed active on 2015-09-18)
  3. Dimitris Kotzinos term ends on 2015-10-16 (confirmed active on 2015-09-11)
  4. Jeff McKenna term ends on 2015-12-10 (confirmed active on 2015-10-19)
  5. Martin Isenburg term ends on 2016-01-08 (confirmed active on 2015-09-18; reported to list on 2015-09-10)
  6. vacant