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-- STALE: nov17 outdated text and links -- DRAFT: This page is still being developed --

This page describes our quality control processes for OSGeo-Live.


OSGeo-Live has built a reputation around maintaining a high level of quality for all included applications. To ensure we maintain this quality, we need to not only test to make sure everything works as expected, but also keep track of testing status can show a clean report card on what works, and also take action when something is not working as expected.

Below are the testing and verification processes to follow for each of our artefacts:

Status Spreadsheets

OSGeo-Live applications status
Status of applications to be updated by packagers.
Translations status
Documentation translation status, to be updated by translators.

Application Review

7z x file.7z 

For each application:

  • Verify that you can select the application from the pull down menu.
  • Find out what version of the application has been installed, and insert the version number into the "installed version" column of the Status spreadsheet
  • Run the application and see if it works. If the Quickstart exists, try following the Quickstart instructions.
  • Note that you have reviewed the application by adding the OSGeo-Live version and your username in the "Tested by" column in our status spreadsheet. Eg: 4.5camerons,

Note any errors that you find in the issue tracker using the following:

Overview Doc Review

Reviewing can start once authors have completed a project's Overview and set "Overview status" = latest-version_draft, in the Status spreadsheet

Reviewers checklist:

  • Check the difference between this version and last to determine what has changed.
    • Determine the version of "en" docs for last two osgeo releases (eg, between "en" and "4.0en") from the Translation summary
    • From svn directory, View updates by selecting
"doc.rst"->"revision log"-> "[View Changes]"
  • Ensure the new doc is referenced from the main Contents page.
    • Verify all images show up
    • Verify the version number matches the status spreadsheet
    • Ensure all new text is grammatically and syntactically correct.

For completely new docs:

These users may be managers with limited technical expertise, so the documentation will need to provide content. Eg: The 52North Web Processing Services (WPS) needs to explain what a WPS is, and why it is useful before explaining the details of the 52nWPS implementation.

Quickstart Review

Refer to: OSGeoLive#Quickstart_Review_Checklist