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This budget is approved by the OSGeo board of directors and should not be altered without their consent.

Item Description Amount
Accounting Professional accounting, and tax filing support (very rough) $8000
Bank Charges wire fees, service charges, etc $1500
Insurance Directors and Officers Insurance (estimated) $4000
Marketing Activities as budgeted by Marketing Committee $50,000
Executive Director
Salary & Benefits Full time senior staffer ($106270CAD * 0.90)

(includes payroll service cost)

Travel Travel and Entertainment $20,000
Office Office, supplies, postage $5,000
Project Infrastructure
Hosting with performance guarantees $14,014
DNS PairNIC - various DNS registrations (including project domains) $250
Server Purchase additional server, possible colocated at Telascience $2,500
GDAL Sub-Contracts From Project Sponsorships $22,500
Total $223,407


Source Contributors Amount
Sustaining Sponsorships (50K) 2 $100,000
Principal Sponsorships (20K)
Supporting Sponsorships (10K) 3 $30,000
Associate Sponsorships (3K) 14 $42,000
Project Sponsorships GDAL $30,000
FOSS4G 2009 Conference $12,000
GSoC (mentorships) 20 $10,000
Total $224,000


  • All amounts are in US dollars.
  • FOSS4G revenues and expenses are netted out to anticipated profit.
  • The budget presumes gaining one new sustaining sponsor (50K), one new sustaining sponsor (10K) and four new associate sponsor (12K).
  • The dependence of the above budget on $72K in new sponsorship in 2009 means we could easily drop into a serious deficit situation if these objectives are not met. The Finance committee feels that the Marketing portion be restricted such that only half may be spent in the first half of the year, and that a budget review be held at the half year point to consider adjustments.
  • It is anticipated that the foundation will carry reserves on the order of $150K over from 2008.