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The board is taking a different approach to the 2017 budget, dividing up by committee. We have reached out to each committee for guidance on their 2017 requirements.

The following DRAFT placeholder is based on the 2016 budget; broken down by committee to get an idea of proposed spending.


For OSGeo Budget 2016 the board budgeted 70000 split across several goals:

Activity Budget Spent Notes
Admin 8000 n/a administration overhead
Insurance 3000 3000 officer liability insurance
SAC 13000 6000 infrastructure and online presence
Outreach 15000 4000 starter kits, LiveDVD/USB, Marketing, OSGeo Student Awards
Travel 15000 7000 director & president travel - facilitate interaction with external parties (UN, OGC,...)
Events 20000 20000 OSGeo internal (townhall, codesprint, ) and external (e.g.. ISPRS, EGU, GWF...) events

This represents a total budget of 75000, of which the community managed to spend 41000.

If we directly migrate 2016 budget into a breakdown by committee we can have a baseline for our 2017 budget:

Committee 2016 Budget Notes
Board: Admin 10000
Board: travel 10000 director & president travel (outreach)
Board: internal events 15000 codesprints, meetings, community building, sponsoring students
Board: outreach events 5000
SAC 13000
Marketing 12000
GeoForAll Budget 3000 education
UNCommittee 10000

The UNCommittee expectation of 10000 is based on its costs in 2016 (when it was only in operation for half the year). The UN represents one of the largest bodies of GIS users in the world making this an important strategic relationship for OSGeo.

Committee Contact List

In the Board_Meeting_2016-11-25 we agreed to reach out to each committee for budget requests / requirements: Thus far we have:

  • Board of Directors - contact venka :)
  • Code of Conduct Committee -
  • (done) Conference Committee - Angelos contacted committee avout operations and budget
  • Finance Committee -
  • (done) Geo for All - Maria contacted Suchith
  • (done) Incubation Committee - jody contacted list about operations and budget
  • (done) Marketing Committee - jody contacted the list operations and budget
  • (done) Open GeoScience Committee - maria contacted maxi
  • Project Steering Committees:
    • GeoNode - jody to contact jeff
    • (done) GRASS GIS - Helena to contact Markus ($1500 budget request for a code sprint)
    • gvSIG
    • Marble
    • QGIS
    • FDO
    • GDAL/OGR
    • GEOS
    • GeoTools - jody to contact geotools-devel
    • OSSIM
    • PostGIS
    • GeoNetwork
    • pycsw
    • deegree
    • geomajas
    • GeoMOOSE
    • GeoServer - jody to contact simone
    • Mapbender
    • MapFish
    • MapGuide Open Source
    • MapServer
    • OpenLayers
  • Public Geospatial Data Committee -
  • (done) System Administration Committee - Angelos contacted committee about both operations and budget
  • (done) UN Committee - Maria contacted Suchith and Maxi

Draft 2017 Budget

The following draft budget is updated as we hear back from each community.

Committee 2016 Baseline 2017 Draft Notes
Board: Admin 10000 10000
Board: travel 10000 10000 director & president travel (outreach)
Board: internal events 15000 12000 codesprints, meetings, community building, sponsoring students
(reduced to due to lack of face 2 face meeting)
Board: outreach events 5000 n/a (responsibility moved to marketing committee)
SAC 13000 15000 (assume additional costs for website reboot)
Marketing 12000 12000
Marketing: Website RFQ 50000
GeoForAll Budget 3000 3000 education
UNCommittee 10000 10000