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This board meeting is scheduled for the 25th of November 2016 at [1] through IRC and follow up voting on Loomio.


Current items


  • roll call
  • appoint meeting chair, meeting scribe/secretary
  • Approve last meeting minutes
  • Budget 2017
  • Discuss about CRO Feedback [2]
  • Results of the f2f on committee guidelines
  • Approve the GSoC 2017 Team members
  • Sponsorship 2017
  • Add agenda items


  • Attending: Helena, Michael, Angelos, Jody, Maria, Anita, Sanghee, Vasile
  • Presiding: Jody
  • Scribing: Angelos
  • MOT1 (Jody): Approve meeting minutes from 2016-11-03. Motion moved to Loomio.
  • Budget 2017.
    • Michael: The 2016 budget available on Dropbox, we still have FOSS4G2016 and GSOC income outstanding. We can use 2016 budget numbers as a base, we didn't go over on any of them.
    • Anita: I think Venka wanted to invite committees to submit proposals.
    • Maria: We can ask Venka to send the request to the Committees.
    • Jody: So reading the profit and loss we have good news ... OSGeo has been able to spend money this year
    • Michael: Mainly code sprint sponsorships and sac hours. We need to spend more on marketing and web site.
    • Jody: we identified marketing and website as a priority last year; but did not follow through.
    • Angelos: I would like to propose to set budget to re-design the web site, and this actually to be done by a company, not volunteer time.
    • Jody: I agree, and I think the marketing committee is going in that direction. I suggest we ask the marketing committee to take this direction from the board, and back it up with an appropriate budget.
    • Jody: I wonder if we could make the budget this year by committee? Rather than the buckets we had previously which always led to a discussion of which buckets had money to use for any given endeavor?
    • Maria: We have to ask them a plan for 2017 and a budget.
    • Michael: We can indicate that these budgets are a guideline and will be expanded for good ideas/ initiatives.
    • Jody: in the interest of finishing could we start with a budget based on 2016; contact chairs via email/phone/hangout to fill in the blanks.
  • MOT2: Establish draft 2017 budget based on 2016 model, broken down by committee. Verify this draft with committee chairs. Motion moved to Loomio.
  • Discuss about CRO Feedback: The board appreciates Jorge Sanz volunteering.
    • Michael: Do we need to make updating your contact info with osgeo a requirement of charter membership? I think the charter membership is just maintained by the secretary separate from osgeo infrastructure. This might be something that requires sac involvement
    • Vasile: Charter members database is on our dropbox, mantained by jachym and updated each year by CRO
    • Jody: I like the feedback; I do not see a motion here, but I do see some possible actions. Such as changing voting mechanics; contact cro with any concerns, etc.
    • Angelos: was there a decision to change the election process in the last f2f meeting last Feb?
    • Jody: there was a decision to update the formula; but it was put off until "before the elections" and we did not follow through.
    • Angelos: We should start thinking about this earlier this year.
  • Results of the f2f on committee guidelines.
    • Jody: The results were to ask each committee to right down how they do business on the website. Board to review these and tweak / encourage as required. Priority is transparency and being inclusive. If the committee is the kind of one that likes official documents then they can publish a versioned document on the web; and as part of that they can inform the board when they change policies. Example of formal versioned policy documents at the end of the page here -
    • Angelos: We have not officially announced anything on this topic
    • Maria: In any case for the sake of transparency is good to know how the committees work. In fact we said that we can propose this one as one possible example, but probably we didn't communicate to the Committees.
    • Jody: We need a volunteer to reach out to committee chairs or to split up the work between the board members.
    • Michael: Review and feedback is different than approve though
    • Jody: For a formal document the board should approve. the committee is acting on behalf of the board with respect to their mandate, we can review and approve that.
  • MOT3: Approve GSOC 2017 members. Motion moved to Loomio.
  • Sponsorship 2017
    • Jody: Last year we had a sponsorship work party to update how we do things:
      • Allowing event sponsors (where any event profit went to OSGeo) to count towards osgeo sponsorship total.
      • Setting a low "bronze" sponsorship level to encourage smaller mom&pop consulting firms to sponsor our foundation
    • Jody: here is what we got: and we collected $3000 form the budget earlier. What was a surprise is the website copon firms taking up the 500 sponsorship and no mom and pop consulting firms.
    • Michael: I think the experiments were quite successful. I think we keep the same for 2017, its been working well.
    • Jody: I think this is down to marketing of osgeo sponsorship rather than $500 being a bad price point. There has been a suggestion (on the marketing committee and website committee) to place a restriction on links form this page, like only linking to a company's "open source" page.
    • Jody: The other thing is that foss4g sponsorship is *much* more expensive then osgeo sponsorship. Making this a bit odd.
  • Schedule next meeting for Dec 15 [3].

Tabled for email/loomio discussion


Action: Contact OSGeo Committees Officers

Contacting officers with respect to:

  • Collect 2017 Budget Requests (see OSGeo_Budget_2017)
  • Review committee operations are clearly available publicly

We are splitting up this work between board members: OSGeo_Budget_2017#Planning


Motion +1 0 -1 Abstain Passed Notes
MOT1: Approve meeting minutes from 2016-11-03 Anita, Jody, Angelos, Sanghee, Maria, Venka, Michael, Helena Vasile Passed
MOT2: Establish draft 2017 budget based on 2016 model, broken down by committee. Verify this draft with committee chairs. Anita, Angelos, Michael, Helena, Maria, Sanghee, Venka, Vasile (only on IRC) Jody Passed
MOT3: approve GSOC 2017 members Michael, Anita, Maria, Angelos, Helena, Jody, Sanghee, Venka, Vasile (only on IRC) Passed

Motions here are to be confirmed by email for public record.

See email thread on the Board list.

Full, raw minutes notes