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* [[User:Landa|Martin Landa]]: GRASS developer
* [[User:Landa|Martin Landa]]: GRASS developer
* [[User:Wolf|Wolf Bergenheim]]
* [[User:Wolf|Wolf Bergenheim]]
* [[User:MaksimS|Maksim Sestic]]
[[Category: Software Stack]]
[[Category: Software Stack]]
[[Category: Public Geospatial Data Committee]]
[[Category: Public Geospatial Data Committee]]

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The OSGeo Cartographic Library and all software projects obviously need a free map symbol set.

Available Material

  • Free map symbol sets from GFOSS.it: Simboli cartografici: trees, geology, meteorology and north arrows
  • GpsDrive and OpenStreetMap maintain a repository of c. hundreds of Point Of Interest (POI) rasterized and SVG symbol icons under a permissive OSS license. Things like "banks" and "hospitals" are very well covered.
see http://www.gpsdrive.de/development/map-icons/overview.en.shtml
  • ...

Other Technology

(please keep focus on free as in freedom technologies)

Microsoft has a symbol server

Symbol Availability

School NA
Recreation Centre NA
Emergency Services
Hospital NA
Police station NA
Fire station NA
Ambulance NA
Basic NA
Arrow yes NA
Box yes NA
Circle yes NA
Extras NA
Compass Yes NA
Airport Yes NA
Target yes NA
Dive Flag yes NA
Information Centre NA
Bus Stop NA
Picnic Area NA

Interested people