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  1. Has the project been approved for incubation by the OSGeo board?

Yes. The project passed the incubation motion on 23 April 2017 and was approved and confirmed by the Board of Directors in May (see Board Meeting 2017-05-11).

  1. Has an Incubation Mentor been assigned to the project?

Yes. Arnulf Christl volunteered as mentor.

Infrastructure Transition

  1. Is the OSGeo bug tracker being used for the project? If not, why? Is the OSGeo mailing list manager (http://lists.osgeo.org/) being used for the project? If not, why?

No. An existing bug tracker is being used by the project: https://github.com/oskariorg/

  1. Is the OSGeo SVN being used for the project? If not, why?

No. An existing version control system is being used for the project: https://github.com/oskariorg/oskari-docs/issues

  1. Are binary and source downloads available from http://download.osgeo.org ? If not, why?

No. Downloads are available from the existing web site: http://oskari.org/download If OSGeo provides for a root directory http://oskari.osgeo.org the team would be happy to maintain a download link on that site.

Community Functioning

  1. Is there a functioning user support mechanisms (ie. mailing list)?

The project currently provides support through a Slack channel with 188 registered users. Oskari is also starting to use the OSGeo Mailing list https://lists.osgeo.org/mailman/listinfo/oskari-user.

  1. Are source and binary downloads for the package available?

Downloads are available from the existing web site: http://oskari.org/download

  1. Has a Project Steering Committee been formed, and given control of the project?

Yes: https://github.com/oskariorg/oskari-docs/wiki/Project-Steering-Committee

  1. Does the Project Steering Committee have documentation on project procedures for PSC decisions, contributor guidelines?

Yes: https://github.com/oskariorg/oskari-docs/wiki/Project-Steering-Committee See also: https://gitter.im/oskariorg/psc

  1. How many active developers are there? Are they from multiple organizations? Indicate number and some organizations involved.

There are more than ten active developers from multiple organizations, both from the public and private sectors. Examples of organizations are National Land Survey of Finland, Natural Resources Institute Finland, Dimenteq Ltd, CGI Finland Ltd.

Find more details at https://github.com/oskariorg/oskari-server/graphs/contributors and https://verkosto.oskari.org/en/community-2/ (organizational members)

Foundation Membership

  1. Have project documents been updated to reflect membership in the foundation, and the relationship of the project to the foundation? If not, indicate when this will occur.

The project documentation has not yet been modified. It was assumed that this can only happen after graduation as to avoid confusion about the official status.

  1. Has an effort been made to brand the project web site with OSGeo foundation web styling and branding marks? If not, indicate what is planned.

Yes. The OSGeo incubation logo has been added to oskari.org front page and it links to this document.



Code Copyright Review

  1. Has a Code Provenance Review document been prepared for the project?
  • All code has been developed by the registered developers listed on github who have signed the CLA. All external libraries have project compatible licenses. The project has been started as a regular Open Source project following the guidelines as set out by OSGeo. A file-per-file code review was therefore deemed superfluous.
  1. Have issues raised in the provenance review been adequately addressed? Indicate outstanding issues.
  • Currently no outstanding issues.
  1. Are Committer Responsibilities Guidelines covering legal issues in place?