SAC Service Status

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System List

Telascience Blades

  • ( Contains plone installation
  • ( FC4 + Fedora Directory Server. Contains LDAP server.
  • shell server ( FC4. Lots of software installed, general use.


  • LDAP (on .74.220)

Known Issues

  • .74.211 is not using ldap authentication for shell access.
  • .74.220 is not using ldap authentication for shell access.
  • Access to LDAP server needs to be restricted to specific machines somehow?
  • We have to create userids on the LDAP server manually, can't be done through plone without a lot of work.
  • Plone instance is not using LDAP for authentication.

Service Groups

Currently, shell access is limited to users in the LDAP schema under the "Shell" group. No further group authorization/granularity exists at this time. It is desireable to have "Shell" be broken into groups like "Database", "Subversion Admin", etc to distribute the administration of those tasks.