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This page is to capture all the needs for Windows and Mac binary building

All OSGeo Projects have a need for building binaries for Windows and Mac OSX. Since these platforms are proprietary and need extra licensing, there is a bit more needed to satisfy than for Linux systems.

Right now each project kind of does their own thing and no position to easily share.

Current State

  • OSGeo4W - builds QGIS and Grass binaries, largely funded by QGIS project at moment
  • GeoServer was building binaries for windows - using their windows jenkins slavebot, but lost that
  • PostGIS builds windows binaries for PostGIS and pgRouting and other PostGIS related extensions (ogr_fdw, pgpointcloud) using their windows jenkins bot

On Mac Side

  • QGIS builds there own
  • done by one individual does Mac packages for a bunch of OSGeo projects.