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Name: Regina Obe
Job Title: President
Company: Paragon Corporation
City: Boston
State: Massachusetts
Country: United States
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Language(s): en
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Regina Obe

Regina is very active in the OSGeo community. She is a member of the System Administration Committee (SAC) and manages many of the OSGeo servers. She is also a Project Steering Committee (PSC) member and developer in projects - PostGIS, GEOS, and pgRouting.

  • Core Developer, PSC member, Windows Package maintainer, PostGIS
  • Core Developer and PSC member, GEOS
  • Developer, PSC member, Windows Package Maintainer pgRouting

Regina Obe is a co-founder of Paragon Corporation, a web application and database consulting company. Regina is also a co-author of several books. PostGIS In Action (1st and 2nd, (upcoming 3rd)) Manning Publications, PostgreSQL: Up and Running (1st, 2nd, 3rd), and pgRouting a Practical Guide available from LocatePress.

Regina is a co-host of various Open Source focused sites BostonGIS has various tutorials on Open Source GIS with special focus on database. Postgres OnLine Journal Tips and tricks for using PostgreSQL


Email: lr AT pcorp DOT us
GitHub: @robe2
Twitter: @reginaobe
LinkedIn: [1]
Blogs: BostonGIS Postgres OnLine Journal