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Current OSGeo Secretary is Astrid Emde

Regular Tasks


  • Scribe minutes from board meetings
    • when the secretary is absent, this can be done by any board member
    • the scribe is also responsible for conducting the follow-up formal votes via email

After elections

  • Make sure, board members obtain their address
  • Make sure they get dropbox account
  • make sure they have svn account
  • Update wiki and paget the passwords!
  • Send info for new members - copy Arnulf's blog page
  • Get private addresses, mails and phone numbers for the insurance (Dropbox/OSGeo-intl/contact/)
  • Ask for wiki page update, add/remove [ [Category:Board of Directors] ] tag

Annual (at least)


Note all records are kept in the OSGeo DropBox folder.

  • Maintain the charter membership spreadsheet
    • Maintain list with full name, nationality, email address, etc
    • Track last-voted dates (to monitor activity status), in cooperation with CROs
    • Tag inactive Charter Members (and remove from list / subtract from elections total voters)
  • Contributor agreements
    • Maintaining electronic folder of contributor agreements
    • Archive paper copies
      • note: these currently live at mpg's house
    • Update web page of contributor agreements

Upcoming tasks for more info


  • Talk to sponsors (as board)
  • Talk to organisations on our events - and on their events (as board)
  • Private SVN repository (with sac
  • List of passwords (in the private repository)
  • Service for finding out particular member details and details about licence agreements
  • Redefine incubation process (stars, levels, ....
  • Get the passwords:
    • page