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Name: Adam Steer Socialmedia pic.jpeg
Job Title: Freelance research, advisory and technical consultant
Company: Spatialised
City: Canberra
State: ACT
Country: Australia
Local Chapter: Oceania
Instant Messaging:
Personal Description : I’m a freelance consultant available to work on strategic and technical geospatial projects. I’ve worke on massive point cloud visualisation and exploitation for a defence-oriented startup (Synthesis Technologies), and In my recent past I worked at Australia's National Computational Infrastructure in the high performance data team, making point clouds into useful data services; open geospatial data; enabling as-yet-unheard-of discoveries as a function of open data and accessible tools.

I'm very strongly motivated to promote the use of open geospatial tools - removing barriers to serious geospatial data analysis.

I have a doctorate in surveying technology from the University of Tasmania, based on estimating sea ice thickness at high resolution by combining airborne LiDAR, digital photogrammetry, field observations (yes! I love to drill holes in ice!), and upward looking sonar from an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle.

Formerly worked for the Australian Antarctic Division, on object-based classification of sea ice using aerial photography (among many other things including but not limited to a lot of logistics).

I also like to ski, climb rocks and ride mountain bikes as fast as possible. And sit under trees and watch the sky.

I am currently the sponsorship lead for the upcoming FOSS4G/SotM Oceania Conference; and occupy a seat on the steering committee of Earth Observation Australia. I’ve recently joined the OSgeo marketing committee.
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