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Welcome to the GeoForAll AgriGIS

Chaired by: Didier Leibovici (University of Nottingham, U.K.) and Nobusuke Iwasaki (National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences (NIAES), Japan)

Geospatial information has been playing an important role in agricultural research and practice, especially from Earth Observation systems and data processing. Geospatial analysis and modelling have also proved to be efficient tools for agricultural planning and management. Rapid developments in technologies for the collection and dissemination of information, such as positioning, broadband mobile communications, sensor platforms and sensor‐web enablement, spatial search and pervasive computing, are fundamentally changing the access to and use of location‐based data in agriculture. In addition to providing more opportunities for expanding the applications, this advancement also creates new avenues for multi‐ disciplinary research and practices in the use of GIS in agriculture research.

The AgriGIS initiative focuses on using open source open standards and open data in the context of agricultural modelling as highlighted above. This encompasses various modelling approaches at various scales, e.g., crop modelling, agro-ecological modelling, sustainability and climate forcing that can in fine be combined together within an integrated approach. The AgriGIS theme is there to share experiences, best practices, research and development within a multidisciplinary approach.

How do I become involved? Anyone interested in being part of this theme, subscribe here . Your participation is appreciated and needed! All ideas are welcome. All material posted will be helpful. If you would like to edit this Wiki page you shall need to create an account on OSGeo to give you access to Wiki editing.

We can be most successful with this theme if we are all happy to support the 'AgriGIS and FOSS4G Guiding Principles:'

C All material created is made available for everyone's use under an Open License

  • All material is carefully designed so that it can be extended by others
  • All participants aim to reuse, optimize, extend and add new components and information (in that order)
  • All members and participants of the theme will endeavor to keep the links and material on this Wiki page checked regularly so that broken links or changes can be detected quickly and rectified.

To keep things brief please provide three pieces of information: (1) your name - you can hyperlink to your online profile page such as your homepage once it is openly accessible, (2) your current occupation, job or position and (3) one line describing your interest in the GeoForAll AgriGIS theme.

  1. Professor & Researcher - University of Nottingham, U.K.
  2. Current Interests: Add
  1. Researcher - National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences (NIAES), Japan
  2. Current Interests: Add
  1. Professor & Researcher - Osaka City University, Japan
  2. Current Interests: RS/GIS, Land Cover, Land Use Mapping, capacity building for AgriGIS.