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DLS data

  • B.C.: ?

As always, review the license agreements before using...

Digital Elevation Models

  • 1 Degree SRTM tiles:
    • browse upwards for a description of the data
    • the file names are in degree, N for North and W for West - hence Calgary would be something like N51W114
    • to use it in a GIS that can read bil files (e.g. MapWindow GIS) rename the *.hgt file to *.bil and create a header (*.hdr) file (see the one pdf document for use in ArcInfo on that)

World Wide GeoData for Map Making

  • Natural Earth Data - small scale data prepared for map scales of 1:10m, 1:50m, 1:110m (the topography layer looks really beautiful)
  • Digital Chart of the World - I think the scale is somewhat between 1:50k-1:100k. The data may also be not the newest, but its free!