Application for the Spanish Language Local Chapter

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Hay una versión en Español de este artículo en Solicitud de formalización del Capítulo Local Hispanohablante

Application for the Spanish Language Local Chapter

Dear OSGeo Board and Executive Director

The Spanish language community requests application for the official inclusion of the OSGeo Spanish Local Chapter (aka OSGeo-es[1]) in the OSGeo Foundation. The targets of this Local Chapter are the Spanish spoken users and developers from all continents.

The community started in 2007, and it has been supporting the creation of a similar OSGeo infrastructure with the aim of spreading and supporting the OSGeo goals and is excited about being finally an official OSGeo Local Chapter.

A first group of local Charter Members[2] has been selected. They've been voting for the local Board (aka Board-es[3]).

On the practical side, our activities has been focused on the mailing list activities[4], supporting local events [5] [6] and the Free GIS Book [7]. Lately we've started coordinating the localization of Gis FOSS projects[8].

We want also to suggest Pedro-Juan Ferrer Matoses[9] as the official liason officer of the Local Chapter.

Best Regards.

The OSGeo Language Chapter Board