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Welcome to the Arramagong Live DVD

The Arramagong Live DVD provides the opportunity to try a variety of open source geospatial applications without the need to install anything new on your computer. It is based on the XUbuntu Linux, and also contains windows installers.

The latest applications available on the Arramagong DVD are listed at: Live_GIS_Disc_Packages.

And details about development are at: Live_GIS_Disc

Applications on Arramagong 2008

Application Homepage Notes
GeoServer 1.7.0 The GeoServer administration page is loaded by clicking on the Geoserver desktop icon. Under the Demo option on the admin page there are two options of interest. Sample Requests provides a form with XML sample responses that can be altered and sent to the server. The XML responses are displayed when returned. Map Preview provides an OpenLayers based map interface to allow exploration of the data served by GeoServer.
GRASS 6.3.0 The GRASS GUI is available by clicking the GRASS Gis desktop icon.
gvSIG 1.1.2 gvSIG is available by clicking the gvSIG desktop icon.
MapServer 5.0.0 The UMN MapServer CGI binary and binary utilities are installed. A sample CGI application can be loaded by clicking on the Mapserver desktop icon. Two sample mapfiles are provided in the /home/demo/mapserver/ directory.
PostGIS 1.3.1 PostGIS is installed in PostgreSQL 8.3, in the template_postgis, test and australia databases. These databases can be accessed directly using the psql command within a terminal window, or through PGAdmin by clicking on the pgadmin 3 desktop icon. They can also be accessed via the various desktop client applications, using the username/password combination of demo/demo.
QGIS 0.11.0 QGIS is available by clicking on the QGIS desktop icon.
uDig 1.1.0 uDig is available by clicking on the uDig desktop icon.

Data on Arramagong 2008

Data Location Notes
Alaska /usr/local/share/qgis_sample_data The Alaska Dataset is a free dataset including raster and vector data for the state of Alaska, as well as boundary polygons for neighbouring countries. The Alaskan state boundary is also available in the PostGIS database test.
Spearfish /usr/local/share/datagrass The spearfish demo is provided in GRASS compatible formats.
Australian postgres database The Australian Dataset consists of low-scale vector data for australian roads, rails and rivers, as well as political boundary shapes Australia and surrounding areas.
Blue Marble /usr/local/share/bluemarble Blue Marble is the blue marble.