Benchmarking 2011/Mapnik notes

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Mapnik Notes

(for the Benchmarking 2011 exercise)


To be listed soon or when they come up.

Stylesheet Setup

The imposm-based stylesheet from was proposed by the mapserver team and agreed upon to use, so each team must match it.

Mapnik will be testing both a style auto-converted from '' (from mapserver) and one created to match it in TileMill.


Nothing special yet - just stock mapnik trunk.


The installation files from last year will be used and upgraded if needed. Basically the install is sandboxed into /opt/mapnik to avoid conflicts with other applications. Details can be seen in the 2010 svn folder.

Library versions used:

* libxml2-2.7.7
* zlib-1.2.5
* libpng-1.4.3
* freetype-2.4.1
* proj-4.7.0
* icu4c-4_4_1
* boost_1_43_0
* httpd-2.2.16 (only used for mod_mapnik_wms)
* gdal-1.7.2 (used only for raster plugin)
* postgis from RHEL packages - 8.1 headers
* libjpeg from RHEL packages - old

Mapnik versions tested/used:

WMS Servers planning on being tested:

Indexing shapefiles

I simply used the default depth of 8 (which is what is used if no options are specified) to the mapnik `shapeindex` tool.

   sudo chmod -R g+w /benchmarking/wms/2011/data/vector/osm_base_data/data/
   rm /benchmarking/wms/2011/data/vector/osm_base_data/data/*index
   shapeindex /benchmarking/wms/2011/data/vector/osm_base_data/data/*shp