Board Face to Face Meeting 2018

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Face-to-face meeting 2018.


One weekend in January or early February 2018. A Doodle was setup to capture participants availability. European board members that can arrive on Thursday evening/Friday night to try to setup an European bank account for OSGeo are encouraged to check Friday as well.

Possible Location: GeoCat office in Bennekom, Netherlands

Address of GeoCat

Veenderweg 13, 6721 WD Bennekom, Netherlands (OSM map)

From AMS (Schiphol) Airport
  • 55mins by train from Schiphol
  • at Jeroen's house (4 single beds and two double beds)
  • Reehorst hotel (nearest option)
    • 60 EUR/night
    • in nearby town of Ede
    • The area is not very exciting though
    • There is a bus running twice an hour to Bennekom and it is five minutes walk from the train station
  • Hotel de Wereld (in near university town)
    • 125 EUR/night
    • in nearby town of Wageningen, on a walking street
    • If you are looking for something with more life around (bars & restaurants) Wageningen is a nice student city and it is close to Bennekom too. You can rent bikes at the train station for those that can cycle. Buses, trains and taxis are all available and affordable.
    • has only 15 rooms
Travel Schedule
  • add your name and travel plans



Meeting Minutes