Board Meeting 2014-05-15

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This board meeting is scheduled for the 15th of May 2014 at 20.00UTC through IRC and follow up voting by email.


  • roll call
  • appoint meeting chair, meeting scribe/secretary
  • Review and approve past minutes: Board Meeting 2014-04-10
  • plan for next election (charter, board) -> we need to automate the election process (but lack of volunteer time)
  • Update on FOSS4G 2015 RFP (motion raised at conf committee, board should be able to vote on this as well]
  • Request from OGC to possibly help with hosting the CITE infrastructure
  • what to do with lack of volunteers on incubation?
  • update on Directors&Officers liability insurance renewal for 2013-14
  • add your items here
  • Select next meeting timeslot


  • Attending: Anne, Bart, Cameron, Daniel, Jeff, Jorge, Frank, Gerald
    • Active contributions by Alex Mandel, Harrison Grundy and Jody Garnett
  • Presiding: Jeff
  • Scribing: Jorge

Assigned Tasks

  • Jorge: Ask for CRO alias to Jorge and Jeff (maybe also Jachym?)
  • Bart: Send e-mail to Korea LOC

Motions (to be confirmed by email)

  • MOTION: Approve Board Meeting 2014-03-06 minutes:
    • 4 times +1, 1 times +0 because absent (Cameron)
  • MOTION: Accept the Korean proposal for foss4g 2015, under the proviso that the budget is revisited and concerns raised are considered.
    • 7 times +1, 1 times +0
  • MOTION: CITE: State to OGC: OSGeo always welcomes the Opportunity to work with OGC. With regards to the CITE project, we are not geared to provide the level of service that would be required for CITE, unless OGC were to contribute in a sustaining manner toward the service. If OGC wish to move forward in this regard, we can discuss details. OGC are welcome to consider other options outside of OSGeo and continue with OSGeo incubation if they wish to do so.
    • 4 times +1

Full, raw minutes notes

IRC Log at
  • 20:00 Meeting starts
  • 20:05 Previous meeting minutes approved
  • 20:05 Elections: charter, board
    • Jeff: We need to automate the process, as Arnulf stated
    • Jeff: CRO will have to work with the Secretary to get the information of the Charter Members
    • Discussion about the necessity of having CM elections every year.
    • Jeff: We need to decide about the procedure over the next month to start elections ASAP
    • Jorge volunteers as CRO and exploring the automated process to gather votes with the support of Jeff and Cameron
    • Alex: recommends SurveyMonkey
  • 20:23 FOSS4G 2015 RFP
    • Bart: Motion was passed on conf committee
    • Discussion about OSGeo liability for the conference, as raised by Steven at list.
    • Motion passes for the acceptance of the venue with the request to revisit the budget and further discussion
    • Discussion about to write a news item, giving time to the LOC if they want to prepare a landing page, etc.
    • Bart will send the e-mail to the LOC
  • 20:37 Hosting the CITE infrastructure
    • Daniel: CITE project is stalled in incubation, concerns about hosting infrastructure to the project. Jeff, Bart and Cammeron agree.
    • Alex comment that OSUOSL could host them, Jeff thinks it's worth to pass the idea to OGC.
    • Jeff comments that it's worth to discuss at Board and not just at SAC
    • Cameron: explain to OGC our capabilities so they know what we are capable of
    • Discussion about projects not supporting the SAC too much and how hard is for the SAC to contact projects
    • Alex: it would be great to work with OGC, but OSGeo doesn't have the power to fulfil high expectations without help from OGC (money or people time)
    • Harrison: adds that the quality of the service could be proportional with the help they provide
    • Cameron raises motion to talk with OGC about their expectations on hosting and supporting other alternatives
  • 20:56 what to do with lack of volunteers on incubation?
    • Jody: comments the lack of participation at IncCom
    • Jeff: we have a problem with volunteers, we have always the support of the same people
    • Daniel: maybe new Charter Members can give ideas on how to get more people involved.
    • Harrison: OSGeo can intimidate by its apparent complexity and is hard to know how is governed, Anne and Daniel agree
    • Discussion about if it's worth to reset some committees to start with something new
    • Jeff: maybe we should get Local Chapters more involved
    • Jody: let's do a series of blog posts on interviews with committee chairs (no chaos, ha!) about how to get involved in OSGeo.
    • Harrison will send an e-mail on the topic
  • 21:05 Directors & Officers liability insurance
    • Daniel: reminder that the insurance has been renewed
  • 21:08 Next meeting agreed to be on June 12
  • 21:11 Meeting closes