Board Meeting 2019-06-24

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This board meeting is scheduled 24 June 2019 at 16:00 - 17:00 UTC, a record of motions is preserved on loomio and actions on osgeo todo issue tracker.


Current items

Items in italic are recurring at each meeting.



  • Presiding: Maria
  • Scribing: Astrid


  • Michael
  • Victoria
  • Angelos
  • Astrid
  • Maria
  • Jody - joined temporary

Review and approve past minutes

Minutes recorded here [[1]]

MOT1: Approve past minutes ( )

  • Maria +1 (initial motion)
  • Angelos +1 (seconded)
  • Michael +1
  • Victoria +1
  • Astrid +1
  • Jody +1

Motion on Loomio:

Status: Passed during meeting.

Community project update


Review of outstanding action items

welcome new community projects

projects being returned to community program

  • Proposal passed already to return FDO, OSSIM, geomajas, MapFish and MapGuide to Community Projects status since they do not meet the graduated project criteria.
  • Angelos suggested to talk to every project. He volunteers to contact them.
  • See also discussion at
  • ACTION: Angelos contacting dormant projects before motions to move them to Community status

Planning F2F Meeting

  • tasks were collected at
  • Maria proposes to have the mornings for working sessions and the evenings for discussions
  • working sessions would be cleanup of the wiki
  • ACTION: Astrid will ask BLOC for a room
  • Additional topics are welcome, meeting is open and you are encouraged to attend

AGM 2019

  • page and docs are prepared Annual_General_Meeting_2019
  • ACTION: Astrid will send another mail to encourage people to add content
  • ACTION: Astrid will check with BLOC for time/date
  • no OSGeo Member Meeting is planned

youtube account for FOSS4G

Status OSGeo Booth FOSS4G

  • Lounge / Sofa like in 2018 would be great
  • Status: we need more volunteers
  • Action: everyone Reach out looking for volunteers for the OSGeo booth
  • Action: Astrid tweet/mail to encourage more people to help, Mail to eurepean list
  • Action: Astrid contacting BLOC regarding AGM and booth
  • Action: Maria will reach out to new members to see if they can volunteer for this or for other tasks (like elections!)

SotM Talk accepted Get to know OSGeo and how OSGeo is connected to OpenStreetMap

  • Info: Talk accepted Get to know OSGeo and how OSGeo is connected to OpenStreetMap Astrid Emde at Sotm Heidelberg 21.9.2019
  • Astrid will discuss with the board at FOSS4G which content could be presented

Review of open tickets