Board Meeting 2021-12-27

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This board meeting is scheduled Monday 27 December 2021 at 16:00 UTC through Jitsi, a record of motions is preserved on loomio and actions on osgeo todo issue tracker.


Current items

  1. roll call
  2. appoint meeting chair, meeting scribe/secretary
  3. Review and approve past minutes
  4. Brief report from CRO about elections 2021
  5. GISCollective [1]
  6. FOSS4G 2021 budget report
  7. FOSS4G 2022 updates
  8. Budget 2022 planning
  9. gvSIG budget request [2]
  10. Add your topic here


  • Presiding: -
  • Scribing: all
  • Attending: Michael, Astrid, Angelos, Vicky, Tom, Michele
  • Guests: Maria A., Luca, Anne

Review and approve past minutes

Brief report from CRO about elections 2021

  • Anne reports that the election process is completed. Anne and Jorge will obtain the final results of the Board election and the accompanying statistics from Limesurvey, and publish them on the dedicated wiki page.

FOSS4G 2021 budget report

MOT1: Motion to accept 72% (instead of 80%) of FOSS4G 2021 amount (138k USD) in OSGeo accounts and leave remaining 8% in Geolibres accounts for future local events.

  • Michael +1 initial motion
  • Angelos second +1
  • Astrid +1
  • Michele +1
  • Tom +1
  • Vicky +1
  • Motion passed during meeting

FOSS4G 2022 updates

  • ACTION (Luca): contract between GFOSS and OSGeo
  • ACTION (board): travel grant
    • Amount of $ (pending OSGeo budget discussion, also depends on online or f2f event) Current law in Italy permits 600 participants.
    • How to proceed with the call
  • real TGP or replaced online ticket. Discussion about how to proceed with the TGP. Preferred to support people from the region/europe and provide online tickets
  • budget
  • Online ticket is planned
  • Seed money is not needed at the moment. In 4 weeks money is needed. Conference Team should ask in the budget call 2022


Budget 2022 planning

gvSIG budget request



  • no log, a jitsi meeting

Next meeting