Board Meeting 2022-07-25

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This board meeting is scheduled Monday 25 July 2022 at 15:00 UTC through Jitsi, a record of motions is preserved on loomio and actions on osgeo todo issue tracker.


Current items

  1. roll call
  2. appoint meeting chair, meeting scribe/secretary
  3. Review and approve past minutes
  4. Preparation for Annual_General_Meeting_2022
  5. Updates from FOSS4G 2022


  • Presiding: Michele
  • Scribing: Angelos
  • Attending: Mike, Adam, Codrina, Michele, Angelos, Tom, Rajat, Marco
  • Guests: Luca

Review and approve past minutes

Preparation of AGM

  • AGM wiki page is available: Annual_General_Meeting_2022
  • ACTION: Send the AGM e-mail to committee and project chairs (need to ask Astrid for latest e-mail list) (Angelos).
  • Should the Board record the intro slides through a video call? Due to summer vacation, probably the best idea is to make a video per slide and edit together.
  • We should prepare for the Q&A during the FOSS4G session. Not enough time to play the video.

Updates from FOSS4G 2022

Luca provides a report:

  • Already a surplus
  • No problems reported.
  • Almost 850 registrations for on-site, 100 online, expecting the online registrations to go up in the last few days.



  • no log, a jitsi meeting

Next meeting