Board Meeting 2024-02-06

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This board meeting is scheduled Tuesday 06 February 2024 at 18:00 UTC through Jitsi, a record of motions is preserved on Loomio and actions on the OSGeo todo issue tracker.


Current items

  1. roll call
  2. appoint meeting chair, meeting scribe/secretary
  3. Review and approve past minutes
  4. UN committee [1]
  5. OSGeo and Russia / Belarus [2]
  6. Spam filtering on and on contact form
  7. Discourse and Mailman mailing lists (pros and cons?)
  8. Local chapters VS local groups (web page & discourse)[3]
  9. Sponsorship call out, sponsor logos, and common questions
  10. TorchGeo community project application [4]
  11. OSGeo Budget 2024
  12. Add your topic here


  • Presiding: Angelos
  • Scribing: Vicky
  • Attending: Jeroen, Ariel, Tom, Angelos, Vicky, Mike, Codrina, Rajat, Marco
  • Guests: Jody, Regina

Review and approve past minutes

UN committee

OSGeo and Russia / Belarus

TorchGeo community project application

Sponsorship call out

Spam filtering on and on contact form

  • Info: is an alias for board-priv & some other members
  • Regina: better DKIM work in progress by Sandro

Discourse and Mailman mailing lists

  • Currently: very small lists
  • Objective: take more lists to discourse
  • Mirror problem: allow anybody to post
  • Mail server is independent of platform used

Local chapters VS local groups

CRA update

OSGeo Budget 2024

  • Continues from
  • Decision to decrease the board budget to 15k $. We can plan the F2F meeting at FOSS4G Europe this year since it happens in July. To be discussed.
  • SAC budget: For the first half of the year we will approve half the contract hours and hardware, domain and subscription expenses (21.5k $). Donations to be considered only if budget permits at the second half of the year.
  • OpenGeoScience budget: Materials to be handled by the Marketing committee. Catering costs cannot be approved at the moment. Workshop budget to be approved (1k$).
  • Marketing budget: We cannot spend on graphics designer and collateral at the moment. If there is a need for a website design budget, this can be reviewed later (and we will need quotes from designers). 5k $ to be approved.
  • UN budget: There is a feeling that perhaps we should not be funding traveling to UN meetings. UN committee to check if the UN can sponsor. 2.5k $ to be approved.
  • Travel Grant Program: 10k $ to be approved. The direction is to use 7k for global FOSS4G and 3k for local events.
  • Events and Code Sprints: 15k $ to be approved. We have a 4.4k $ surplus from the Vienna Code Sprint for the next annual code sprint. For the GRASS Code Sprint budget the board will request some feedback.
  • Community Projects: 3k $ to be approved. The first 10 projects can ask up to 300$. The board will then need to receive specific funding requests if needed.
  • OSGeo Projects: 28k $ to be approved. Projects that have not requested a budget will not get a default amount this year. The board will consider specific funding requests if needed. For the projects that asked for a budget, the limit is 2.5k $ this year.
  • 48k $ is the seed money for FOSS4G 2024.
  • Total budget to be approved 149k $ (board 15k, committees 30k, initiatives 28k, projects 28k, FOSS4G seed 48k)



  • no log, Jitsi meeting

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