Borealis Report 2009

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This year's highlight for us has been the birth of GeoPrisma as an open source (modified BSD) project. After teaming up with the great folks at MapGears and Nippour Geomatik and leading the project as an open project amongst ourselves, we officially released GeoPrisma to the community just before the FOSS4G conference. Geoprisma builds upon the OpenLayers/MapFish/GeoExt stack and for that reason we are very much looking forward to enhance GeoPrisma with the novelties to appear down in the stack over the course of the coming year.

Two items are worth mentioning from our point of view: first, we are thrilled by the MapFish project starting the OSGeo incubation process. Second, we see a very high potential in GeoExt ux's (user extensions), many of which are lying around in various sandboxes ready to jump in trunk where they'll be ready for inclusion in GeoPrisma. 2010 should be that of full-featured web mapping for us. We believe the view of a true web GIS is very near with the great stack of OSGeo projects we build and depend on!